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Wild Tonic Monthly Mixer: April 2011

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Ready for the new mixtape? Good, because I sure had a lot of fun making this one.

April’s mixtape is heavy on local artists and I couldn’t be happier about it. Although last month had its Coachella highlights thanks to great sets by Robyn, Suede, Lauryn Hill, The Joy Formidable, Kanye West and more (read our full coverage here), my inbox was especially flooding with new worthy material from Los Angeles bands.

Here’s a quick rundown of the locals who earned a spot on the mixtape:

Milo Greene – The gorgeous track “1957” basically went viral after Buzz Bands tweeted thoughts on it, and for a brand new group who has only a few shows under their belts, Milo Greene’s folk harmonies and melodies have done wonders. I highly suggest going to their bandcamp page to stream “Don’t You Give Up On Me,” which also made my heart flutter upon first listen.

Superhumanoids – These guys are no strangers to my mixtapes. They’re also no strangers to great remixes. Whereas the remix for “Malta” took on a new wave vibe courtesy of their friends, Lesands, this Captain Cuts remix of “Mirrors” is definitely more of a club banger.

Light FM – Josiah Mazzaschi has been releasing music with his band and producing albums for other local artists (including William Reid of the Jesus and Mary Chain) for a really long time. Considering the fact that his work has spanned across 10 years, it’s nice to hear he’s getting even better with each new project.

Hot As Sun – A duo comprised of  the talented multi-instrumentalist Jamie Jackson and writer Deborah Stoll. Hazy, sexy, and absolutely spellbinding. They’re also a fairly new band but has already wowed crowds at most shows.

Races – Formerly called Black Jesus, this new young band is currently collecting comparisons to Arcade Fire with the amount of members crammed on stage and their melancholic yet sweeping arrangements. The word on the street is that there are some great labels currently paying close attention to them.

Coyol – Two voices (Céleigh Chapman and John Isaac Watters) that couldn’t differ more from each other but work pretty well together for the energetic folk-rock songs they sing. It’s juxtaposition that is wonderfully infectious.

Thurlow – Jacqueline Caruso and Augustus Green are a husband-wife duo who we luckily got here after they moved from the Washington D.C. area. They dabble in a bit of every genre but never sound forceful. Songs on their “Spokes” EP range from light-hearted electro-pop to lush gems with r&b undertones.

White Sea – If you haven’t seen Morgan Kibby (of M83) yet, I am begging you… DO IT. Not only can the girl reach the most angelic notes but she can bust out some mean (fantastic) remixes! Her take on the Naked & the Famous’ “Young Blood” is a case in point.

Soft Pipes – Anthony Polcino, formerly of Low Vs. Diamonds, recently put out “When You’re Done Here You Get to Go Home,” and it stayed in my car for weeks on repeat. It’s dreamy pop music, heavy on the both vocal and guitar melody, and dipped in a little reverb. It’s just lovely and “Golden Grace” is a perfect closer to the track list.

Grab the latest Wild Tonic mixtape below and enjoy!

  1. Milo Greene – 1957
  2. Superhumanoids – Mirrors (Captain Cuts Remix)
  3. Light FM – Mercy
  4. Hot As Sun – Come Come
  5. Races – Big Broom
  6. Robyn – Call Your Girlfriend (Hannah Rad Edit)
  7. Gardens & Villa – Black Hills
  8. Coyol – Pharmacist
  9. Thurlow – All The Riches
  10. The Joy Formidable – Whirring
  11. Sea of Bees – Wizbot
  12. The Naked and Famous – Young Blood (White Sea Remix)
  13. Thao & Mirah – Eleven ft. tUnE-yArDs
  14. Seapony – Blue Star
  15. Soft Pipes – Golden Grace

Wild Tonic Monthly Mixer: April 2011

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Written by Seraphina L.

May 4, 2011 at 4:16 pm

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