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White Sea: Ladykiller

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If you’ve ever wondered who was behind those amazing female vocals in M83, that would be Morgan Kibby. A talented classically trained pianist, singer, composer, producer and more, Kibby was the perfect feminine touch to Anthony Gonzalez’s electronic dream pop. She has also been in other various bands around Los Angeles including The Ramonovs but her most current solo project, White Sea, has such an outstanding sound it deserves to be singled out from everything else she’s done.

White Sea released an EP titled “This Frontier” for free earlier this year and I can say without a doubt that it came out of nowhere to earn its spot as one of the best local EPS of 2010. Utilizing every bit of her talent, whether it be on keys, guitar or just vocals, White Sea packs in a mean but flirty punch with just five tracks. Songs range from dark disco to opera to pop and more.

In all honesty, White Sea should not be a new name if you’ve read Wild Tonic in the last few months. Her songs, “Ladykiller,” (a song which she originally started working on as a hook for a hip hop artist) and “Mountaineer” (which made my Top 20 Local LA Songs of 2010) were included on the last two mixtapes. If you’ve yet to take a listen and grab the tunes, enjoy them after the jump!

MP3: White Sea – Ladykiller

MP3: White Sea – Mountaineer

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January 16, 2011 at 7:28 pm

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